The new Camozzi valve islands

April 26 2016

Integrated solutions for industrial automation

With the introduction of the new Series CX multi-serial module, the range of valve islands has been also renewed.


The control of actuation is one of the aspects that influence the performance of a pneumatic circuit in industrial applications.

The goal pursued by Camozzi is to ensure flexibility and reliability of components and solutions through the continuous development of Series 3, Y, HN and F Multipole and Fieldbus valve islands which are designed to meet all requirements in terms of flow, dimensions and performance.

These technical features especially characterize the new Series CX multi-serial module, whose electronics is able to expand the possible configurations while increasing performance and the possibilities to interconnect other valve islands. The new module can interface with the Camozzi valve islands handling all the major communication protocols (PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT).

It is also able to create subnets with tree or series topology having more branches that can be easily handled thanks to the expansion modules and the Sub-D adapter. This allows the connection of more different islands, as well as configuring a system with up to 1024 I/O in order to handle even the most complex applications.



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