Camozzi Group, ABB and EVOLUT

June 08 2018

A partnership to concretely express the concept of Industry 4.0

The Camozzi Group in more than 50 years always based its development strategies on continuous innovation of both products and processes, enhancing human capital at the same time, investing in the increase of internal expertise. Thanks to a constant growth, today the Group is present in more than 70 countries over the world with 30 subsidiaries and assistance centers and can count on 2500 employees that operate in the 10 leading companies in their respective sectors, from automation to textile, to machine tools and the transformation of raw materials, up to the digital world. 

In 2009 the project regarding business digitalization was started, in the conviction that there was an industrial transformation, that led to the creation of a Business Unit that today is materialized in the company Camozzi Digital, with the scope to support the companies that want to grow and be successful by exploiting digital innovation and the Internet of Things (IoT), but above all to enhance the human capital interacting, through domain knowledge and Big Data, with algorithmic solutions that, thanks to enabling technologies create business digitalization.

At Camozzi Digital, all domain competences of the Camozzi Group linked to research and development, to electronics, to digital, to designing and to advanced experimenting are integrated, in order to offer solutions to the companies of its group and to the market that are able to generate added value.

“The Industrial Internet of Things made an enormous amount of data available, with a huge value and with infinite potential, that enable to obtain a rapid increase of efficiency and of productivity and, as a consequence, considerable savings; not exploiting this patrimony, today, would be an unforgivable mistake. Thanks to data sharing it is now possibile to find and activate those virtuous behaviours that enable to reduce the risk of machine downtimes and therefore improve the efficiency of the system. We work every day to implement the concepts linked to Industry 4.0 and exploit the opportunities offered by the so-called enabling technologies.” Explains Lodovico Camozzi, President and CEO of the Group, and adds: “enhancing the new technologies at best means to cooperate with different actors of the chain and the target of Camozzi is to create important and longlasting partnerships with suppliers that are at the forefront; citing some exactly in this context we can name Microsoft that cooperates with us for all the aspects of cloud computing, with SAP for the Manufacturing Execution System, with ABB Robotica for the supply of robots and with Evolut SpA for the integration in productive systems, and others.”

The result of this fruitful cooperation is represented by the last production island realized at the premises of the Camozzi Automation division, located in Polpenazze del Garda (BS).  

In an open space, without binding barriers, an operator works side by side with the collaborative robot “Yumi”, realized by ABB Robotica and programmed thanks to Evolut, to assemble a series of Camozzi valves. 

According to Marco Camozzi, General Manager of Camozzi Spa “this solution represents the future of automation because it combines the efficiency of robots, able to constantly learn and improve their performances, with the skills of an operator who can concentrate and dedicate his energy to operations with an added value. Moreover, the robotized cell is equipped with sensors and PLC that transmit the data detected in the cloud to the Camozzi Digital platform, where these are processed to supply information on the efficiency of processes, which enables us to establish corrective actions in real time.”